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Attend events and get trained, or become a member and come use any Workspace you like! Our MakerSpace is always expanding and improving, so remember to make sure you are signed up for news updates.

One of the core areas of our main workshop is the woodworking shop. Many of our members have extensive experience with woodworking, furniture making, timberframing, boatbuilding, etc. We have all the necessary tools for a functioning woodworking shop, plus some!


Our newest core area is the sewing studio. We will have a 5x8 ft. cutting table, a heavy duty, professional machine, a serger, a blind hem machine and a few "Singers"! 


Another core area of our workshop is metalworking. We have a coal-powered forge, a small propane jewelers forger, 3 welders, an oxy-acetelen cutting torch, a horizontal metal bandsaw, a metal chopsaw, grinders, and a sheet metal 3-in-1 shear/break/roller. 


We have a full bikeshop in the MakerSpace! We have bikeframes,  wheels,  tires,  & all the tools you might possibly need to fix your bike, build a bike from scratch, or maybe make hybrid monster bike.

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