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Community is Central to the MakerSpace

WE Appreciate You!
Your Contribution Matters

Our MakerSpace is all about COMMUNITY.


We couldn't make it happen without the contribution and commitments of our fellow man. While money is a great boost to our space, we value the hands on touch even more. We always have tasks and small projects that need a helping hand. You might also have tools laying around the house that you bought for that one project and never used again. We would make a wonderful home for it, and it won't be sitting idle. 

Please Donate if you are able.
Any amount helps us improve our MakerSpace.
How to Contribute to the Fairfield MakerSpace

  • Join the MakerSpace as a Member!

  • Lead a Workshop

  • Donate Tools or Building Materials

  • Help with organizing or cleaning the shop

  • Donate funds for a specific purpose - we can't wait to get a laser cutter!


Please email us before dropping off any physical donations to make sure we have space and a use for the item!

Ready to Teach a Workshop

at The Fairfield MakerSpace?


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