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The Fairfield MakerSpace

Why a Makerspace?

The Maker Movement is an international trend wherein people take ownership of their physical world by using tools and creativity to make, repair, and re-imagine their environment. Makers are anybody who participates in creating something - we are all makers.
At the Fairfield Makerspace we believe that collaboration is a truly effective form of learning. To that end, our members and volunteers teach classes, hold unique educational events and collaborate on cool projects.
Founding Members
Fairfield Maker Space
Our History
The Fairfield MakerSpace was orignally a student workshop for the MUM Sustainable Living Department. After 10 years as a student-only shop, the doors opened to the local community and the idea of a MakerSpace was born.
Cleaning up the wood-shop and metal-shop was only the beginning. We bought brand new tools, added a sewing room, revamped the bike shop, and even started a tech lab with 3D Printers. Embracing DIY has been the legacy of this space for over a decade, and these upgrades will ensure the tradition is carried on by the Fairfield Community.


David Ford.jpg
David Ford

Wood & Metal Shop

"I like to consider myself a renaissance man working in a little bit of everything. I love working in wood and metal. I have been blacksmithing now for about five years and specialize in forge welded Damascus knives and axes.  I have been living here in Fairfield for the last 5 years with my wife and three children.  I became a full time student majoring in Sustainable Living in fall of 2019 and have worked as well as continue to work as a Critical Care Paramedic for the past 18 years.  I look forward to teaching you how to safely use the equipment as well as see what you build. As always I am here to help you

Pam Ryerse

Sew Awesome Sewing Shop

"Well - I have enjoyed sewing all my life, starting with barbie doll clothes at age 10!  Over the years, alterations and custom clothing were services I offered  while the occasional factory work taught me about many different sewing machines and invaluable techniques. More recently I owned a drapery workroom for 10 yrs providing interior designers with custom drapery and an upholsterer with stitching support located in eastern MA and NH. Now - I am enjoying working with Makers in Fairfield and learning from them!"

JoLynn Gates

Sew Awesome Sewing Shop

"I began sewing my own clothing before I was ten. A lifetime of honing needlework skills has included theatrical costumes, garb for Civil War and Renaissance reenactments, wedding gowns, quilting and other crafts, as well as working for Neiman Marcus and other Dallas boutiques doing ladies' alterations. I am glad to offer my skills to Sew Awesome to inspire your sewing projects."

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