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Sew Awesome Sewing Shop

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"Well - I have enjoyed sewing all my life, starting with barbie doll clothes at age 10!  Over the years, alterations and custom clothing were services I offered  while the occasional factory work taught me about many different sewing machines and invaluable techniques. More recently I owned a drapery workroom for 10 yrs providing interior designers with custom drapery and an upholsterer with stitching support located in eastern MA and NH. Now - I am enjoying working with Makers in Fairfield and learning from them!"

"Just the proverbial old dog learning new tricks. I've worked many jobs in the construction field and have been a self employed handyman.  I've worked the oil fields and a auto factory. Been a firefighter and an EMT. Loving MUM and working in the Makers Space."

Nahom Abegaze is the Campus Visit Coordinator (CVC). He grew up in numerous places: from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia to Burnsville, Minnesota. He graduated with a BA in Philosophy and Communication from the University of Minnesota Duluth. In his spare time, Nahom enjoys the culinary arts, hiking, biking, reading, and organizing events for community building.

JoLynn began sewing her own clothing before she was ten. A lifetime of honing her needlework skills has included theatrical costumes, garb for Civil War and Renaissance reenactments, wedding gowns, quilting and other crafts, as well as working for Neiman Marcus and other Dallas boutiques doing ladies' alterations. Now she brings her skill to Sew Awesome to inspire your sewing projects.

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